My Philosophy

Over the course of this blog’s active years, I have gradually managed to put my life philosophy into words. This philosophy is how I have chosen to live my life. It traces its roots back to a few formative experiences in my early teens, around ages 13 and 14. There was a particular moment in my ninth-grade year where I seem to have made a “break” from all the philosophical, religious, and ethical ideas to which I had been exposed up to that point. After that moment, I set out to construct a viable, uplifting, and internally consistent philosophical system of my own.

At first, it was a project I expected to be working on for my entire life. I never thought it would be “done,” per se. Ultimately, however, I believe I worked out all of the major details. Now in middle age, I still change my mind from time to time, grow and develop, improve my understanding of the world in general. But it has been a long time since I’ve encountered anything that would challenge my basic underlying philosophy. Consequently, I consider this project to be, in the main, “done.”

Below, you can find blog post series that articulate the point of view I worked on for about two decades of my youth.

Theory and Practice – The most important philosophy series on my blog; a series outlining my fundamental working moral philosophy:

Child Discipline – This series outlines my general philosophy toward child-training and child-rearing:

The Lexicon (Not Current) – This is an old page that provides definitions of words and phrases that I used to use to convey some of my ideas. I no longer really make use of a special lexicon, so this page doesn’t really serve any useful function for readers anymore, except as a historical curiosity.

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