Performance and Achievement

A friend of mine sent me the following email:
Talking about sport activity/working out, Ryan’s example should be taken out of our sample!!!

His capabilities are beyond my comprehension :) I am happy that everyone is back on “sporty” track! Hopefully weather will cooperate :)
This was pretty glowing praise, considering that I'm a 30-year-old amateur who only works out to stay healthy and because I think it's fun. But it got me thinking a bit about what human beings are physically capable of.

I believe that everyone has the same capabilities. The only physical barriers any of us have are mental barriers in disguise. If you can overcome your mind, you can overcome your body. Years of competitive running beat that concept into my head repeatedly. I’ve seen people literally run to the point where they are unconscious. I’ve seen people run at the head of the pack on broken bones. I’ve seen people win races while bleeding. When you see that kind of stuff on a regular basis, you start to realize that a person is only ever competing with the voices inside their heads. If you can learn to ignore the voices, you can achieve things you never imagined.

So, to my friend and to the world, don't let a little dedication and hard work elude your comprehension. Look inside yourself and discover your own capabilities. You might surprise yourself by what you can do!

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