A Little Disappointing Hypocrisy

From recent coverage on Prince in The Mirror:
Just when it couldn't get any more bizarre, Prince clambers behind video equipment under the stairs and starts screening 1970s clips from the US TV show Soul Train of his music heroes such as Marvin Gaye and Barry White.
You remember Prince. He's the guy who sues anyone and everyone for unauthorized use of his performances. Perhaps his ideology doesn't apply here since Gaye and White are dead. Regardless, such a staunch advocate of intellectual property rights would do well to clarify his position to the rest of us.

Myself, I've slowly been journeying toward a position that is hostile to intellectual property rights. However, I continue to find the views of Stephan Kinsella extremely wanting. It should not be necessary to invoke desert island imaginary constucts to make a point about property rights. Kinsella's argument hinges on acceptance of the "source" of property rights as expressed by... Kinsella. Quoting himself is a common tactic in his arguments. Eventually his entire reasoning becomes circular. If you disagree with it, he simplly refers you to something else he said, and so on and so forth. It's virtually Marxian.

There are better arguments against intellectual property. But I'm still undecided on the issue. Just leaning towards "anti."

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