A Quick Levemir Tip

I'm putting this out there in case it can help others.

As I recently wrote, I was not too thrilled by the Levemir FlexTouch injector pen (although the insulin itself seems to be working wonderfully well). After a few days of additional use, I seem to have identified the problem.

I'm accustomed to reusing my pen needles because, well, why not? Interestingly enough, the FlexTouch seems to have trouble with needles that I reuse; it either injects slowly and unsteadily, or fails to inject a complete dose. However, this never happens when I use a new needle.

Now, this might be a pure coincidence, but it has been consistent enough that I thought I should report it. If you're having trouble with the FlexTouch injector pen, try using a new needle every time.

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