Spot The "Real" Americans

I won't draw this blog post out too far. The claim was recently made that Muslim immigrants to the United States are culturally incompatible with American Christian culture. That claim was put to the test over the weekend, when a small group of armed American Christians made a show of force (yes, they literally said that this is what they were doing) outside a Dallas-area mosque to protest the "Islamization [sic]" of America.

How would you guess that this largely immigrant population of Muslims responded to people carrying loaded weapons outside their holy place of worship?

Here's how (emphasis added):
[The mosque leaders] in turn urged their worshipers to steer clear of the group, which calls itself the Bureau of American Islamic Relations and had recycled some of the signs it took to a Richardson mosque last month, on a national day of protest against Islam. 
The worshipers largely took that advice, ignoring the protest until it broke up after a couple hours. The Muslims in the tiny audience declined to share their opinion — instead offering praise for freedom of speech and variations on “no comment.”
So an armed group of Christians showed up to spook the hell out of a group of Muslim American immigrants, and the Muslims responded by praising the protesters' freedom of speech.

Good for them!

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