P90X Again

I’m on vacation, and boy, is it fun and relaxing.

Just before I left, I checked my physical progress as I finished up P90X2. I suspected that I had lost quite a bit of muscle mass over the previous three months, but to my delight I had actually put on a little more muscle. I was also more toned and had a stronger core compared to when I had finished P90X earlier in the year. So, six months of Tony Horton workout programs has made a huge, felicitous impact on my physicality. I’m so pleased.

Just looking at the before/after photos, which I will not share here for decency reasons, reveals what a difference these programs have made to my life. If you’ve got six months and a DVD player or streaming video player, you can reshape your body.

So, I’ll start my second round of P90X — my third round of Tony Horton workouts — this coming Monday, once I’m fully recovered from traveling. This time, I’ll be doing it alongside my wife and in tandem with a friend of ours. If you’d like to join in with us, reach out to me and you can join our Facebook group or whatever. Do join us.

And if you need to purchase P90X to get started, we can help you out there, too, either with a link to a discount, or a free video streaming trial, or just some advice.

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