This Might Be Extremely Important


A 35-year-old man wrote a 1900+ page treatise on nihilism, conceived as the pinnacle of rational Western thought. Then he shot himself in front of a tour group at Harvard University.

I read the introduction to his treatise, and it seems that it is a work worth reading, despite being an argument for the exact opposite view that I espouse. I think Ayn Rand would have found much significance in this man’s work and death. Recall Jim Taggart’s wife when she realizes that if she does not believe in a philosophy of life, she must necessarily believe in a philosophy of death.

It appears that in 1900 pages, this man finally proved it. This might very well be the apex of polylogistic thought, the final proof that if one accepts the tenets of modern philosophy, one can only conclude in nihilism and ultimately death. The only way to conclude otherwise is to reject the if.

Hat tip to Lubos Motl at The Reference Frame.

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