Mr. Yglesias, Have You No Shame?

I don't want to make this "pick on Matt Yglesias day," but his latest writing on why people arrive at political conclusions is really beyond the pale. Quoting the New York Times, which is quoting a couple of poorly designed psychological studies, Yglesias reasons that "people aren’t making up their minds about political issues based purely on judicious consideration of the evidence."

And by people, he means those outside his sphere of influence. And by "making up their minds," he means "coming to the same conclusion as Matt Yglesias."

I'm really getting tired of this. The pervasive left-wing condescension to all those who disagree is now completely out in the open. To disagree with the left is to reject all reason and science and evidence.

Can anyone really hold that belief in earnest? How can a whole group of leftists political class members have forgotten that political opinions are just that - opinions?

The only explanation can be that these jokers are in their political death throes. We're on the cusp of something big and important. Politics as we know it is about to change drastically, significantly, and permenantly. You heard it here first.

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