Now Reading: Last of the Mohicans

I have joined the ranks of economics bloggers who are e-reading, and posting about it. Mine is not an iThing, nor is it a Kindle. Mine is a Kobo, the Chapters version of the eReader. It has nice features and compatibility, so I think it will serve me well.

Because I plan on dedicating more time to reading, I will incorporate the process into my blogging, as well.

My first Kobo book was The Portrait of Dorian Gray, which I read upon the recommendation of many people. It was pretty good.

Currently, I'm reading this:

Obviously, this appeals to me because it involves two of my favorite subjects: American Literature and early U.S. history. I am about halfway through, and it is a good read. In particular, I enjoy the sense of traditional manhood that permeates the novel. This one will be a good one to read with my future son.

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