The 100 Workout?

Faithful Stationary Waves ally "pebbles" writes about "The 100" workout:

Do the following in order, with little or no rest between (this was how I did it - wasn't specifically an instruction on the pin) 
1. 100 jumping jacks.
2. 90 crunches.
3. 80 squats.
4. 70 leg lifts.
5. 60 jumping jacks.
6. 50 crunches.
7. 40 squats.
8. 30 leg lifts.
9. 20 jumping jacks.
10. Run for 10 minutes.
Sounds like a good workout to me! Give it a try if you're not training for the marathon. (Or heck, even if you are, it would make a great option for a planned cross-training day.)

1 comment:

  1. This looks like a great workout! I am going to try this in the studio tonight (although I don't really have proper clothing, I won't use that as an excuse). I will have to substitute the running with something more stationary however.