Some Links

Really exciting links in this round.

  • People who DIY their own artificial pancreases - and they work. And Medtronic's artificial pancreas will get FDA approval as early as 2017.
  • Speaking of which, David R. Henderson is excellent on the FDA.
  • An economist/runner (no relation) developed a calculator that estimates your potential best running times, based on your previous PRs and the age at which you ran them. The calculator is based on this paper, and also includes separate calculators for swimming, high jump and chess.
  • It's been a while, but I wrote a piece at Sweet Talk Conversation about how open borders is the same thing as free trade, and free trade is just plain good.
  • More recently, I wrote a different piece about how Trump might be bad, but he's no worse than any of the others. My point: If you think he's bad, then you should be really worried about how everything he's talking about is already out there. David R. Henderson scooped me literally at the same time I was writing my piece.

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