Eating Speed and Postprandial Hyperglycemia

I have been unable to find any information to back me up on this, but this morning I have come up with a hypothesis: For insulin-dependent diabetics, eating very quickly may induce postprandial hyperglycemia.

This makes sense at a logical level, because the opposite is definitely true. That is, it is possible to eat so slowly that the effect of one's short-acting insulin kicks in before the effect of the full meal's carbohydrates. That being the case, it does not seem to be too far a stretch to reason that it is possible to eat so quickly that the sugar enters one's bloodstream much sooner than the insulin.

I have no data and can find no references to this phenomenon on the internet. (Although, granted, I haven't looked as thoroughly as I might like to.)

Therefore, I am asking my readers to share any experiences and information they might have. How does it work for you and your loved ones? Does eating very quickly cause high blood sugar? Please comment.

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