Nike+ = Awesome!

The Nike+ running website did not completely reveal itself to me until I "synced my run" by uploading data from my watch to the software. Once Nike+ had some data to analyze, it revealed all the many treasures accessible to a data-junkie like myself. Here's a quick run-down (no pun intended) of what's on the site for users:
  • GPS route map, of course
  • A total chart of speed across the full length of each run (speed on the y-axis, distance on the x-axis)
  • Miles per day, miles per week, miles per run, total miles, and so forth
  • Average pace, pace per each mile, each individual split time, etc.
  • Fastest-ever run (by pace), fastest 5K, fastest 10K
  • Longest run (by distance)
  • Miles by terrain, time of day, weather conditions, etc.
  • More things that I am leaving out
The site also gives you access to training programs developed by professional coaches (assuming you are not following mine), site-wide challenges, site-wide community events and so forth.

Suffice it to say, I am highly impressed. I do hope the rest of you will choose to join me (my username is StationaryWaves). This is going to be great fun!

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