Channeling My Inner Boudreaux

Here's a comment left over at CBC.ca, regarding their recent report that the Canadian (Conservative) government plans to eliminate a "whopping" 650 jobs at the state-run media outlet... over three years...
Notice that the specific cuts were already planned. A few hundred jobs over three years is nothing. Such "cutbacks" can be met entirely through employee attrition. Am I the only one who sees this as a charade? 
This is a good case in point: The Rightists now get to say that they took steps toward closing the state media apparatus, the Leftists get to call the Rightists bad guys for cutting "essential public services" and we can all participate in the debate, which is mostly a calculated propaganda distraction. 
Certainly a majority of people of people who remember the word "Pravda" understand that state-run media is basically not a good idea. Here we have a great example of a media story presenting a debate talking point for us while the State carries on, business as usual.  
Let's all agree on the facts. The Conservatives are not eliminating the CBC. 650 cuts in 3 years is not even tightening the belt. This is pure spin on the part of "both sides." (They are the same side!)

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