Omnipotent Government

Today you can find me over at The Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada's blog, discussing the importance of Ludwig von Mises' classic Omnipotent Government. Here's the punchline:
Today, we live in a world embroiled in what Mises called “total war.” What else would you call it? The Middle East is overrun by warring chieftains and hegemonic world leaders seeking to carve their name into the desert rocks forever as the One Who Conquered. We posture, we levy sanctions, we conspire with oil and money supplies, we pit ourselves against each other in futile religious conflict. Above all, we die, we die, we die. 
How did we get here? Halfway through Omnipotent Government, I can say that Mises has left us a solid foundation of historical analysis, showing exactly how countries end up in predicaments like this, as well as a lonely warning against etatism, since – after all – free countries do not benefit from conquest.

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