It's A New Record!

At more than 2,700 hits, April 2012 represents my most successful month as a blogger ever (as measured by hits, obviously).

This is significant to me, because I was able to beat my previous best-ever month with normal, every-day blogging activity. What I mean is, my previous record was set when I posted an interpretation of a Ron Thal tune, and Ron himself tweeted the link, and I received 500 hits in the span of mere hours.

This last month, on the other hand, had no celebrity endorsement supporting it. It appears that Stationary Waves readers simply come to read Stationary Waves. For my money, that's good news.

Of course, you could also make a good argument for saying that I am losing celebrity endorsements, and therefore am no longer as successful a blogger as I used to be. Naturally, I don't prefer that telling of things. Your mind may vary. ;)

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