Booing Politicians

I'm all for booing politicians.

By now, you must have already read that Mitt Romney was booed three times during his speech at the NAACP. (I'm choosing not to provide a link to any of the stories because, frankly, they're everywhere and I have no reason to believe one report is better than any other.)

Setting his politics aside, I think there are two good things about this event.

First, it's good that people boo politicians when they disagree with them. Politicians are not particularly good people, and I don't think they deserve much respect. They lie, cheat, steal, and then vie for reelection. Booing is natural. It states, "We know what you are, and we don't like you. Go away." This needs to be stated regularly.

The other good thing about this event is something that reflects well on Mitt Romney. We could have all anticipated in advance that a Mitt Romney speech delivered to the NAACP would be unpopular among the audience members. We can expect that the NAACP will be more supportive of the Obama agenda than the Romney agenda. Even beyond racial allegiances, the NAACP is historically a democratic-leaning organization, and I don't think I'm being particularly controversial in saying so.

I think it is absolutely commendable that Mitt Romney gave a "please-elect-me" speech to a largely hostile audience. Really, this is the way elections should work in a democracy. Candidates should not simply stage big events among their existing supporters, trying to create the illusion of a bandwagon in hopes that undecided voters will join to be part of the crowd.

Instead, candidates should regularly deliver speeches to audiences of people who hold differing views. You know, the point is to persuade other people to change their minds. I'd like to see Barack Obama deliver a speech to the Tea Party or something. You know, conduct some outreach, communicate, change some minds.

Too little of this sort of thing happens these days.

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