Week 6: Plenty Of "Help" From My New Friend

As I discussed last week, I joined a local gym, scheduled a fitness assessment, and was promptly suckered into buying a few months' worth of one-on-one physical training sessions. I had my first session last Friday. It hurt.

I'll give you a run down of what the trainer asked me to do:

Superset #1: (Do all of this three times)
  • 20 Deadlift-to-cleans
  • 20 push-ups on bar bell w/ half burpee w/ bar bent row
  • 20 hammer-curls-to-shoulder-press
  • Max sitting leg extensions (i.e. "V-sits")
Superset #2: (Do all of this three times)
  • 3 reps of: (5 frog jumps, 10 push-ups)
  • Approx. 50m low crawl
  • 20 hinge crunches
The workout takes about 45 minutes if you go straight through without much rest. It is a killer workout. By the end of it, I find myself panting and gasping for air. I also find the hinge crunches very hard on my back muscles - which can only be true if my abs are too weak to handle them.

This means that my whole body is getting a truly challenging workout the likes of which it hasn't really experienced since my Hyperfitness days.

I did a supervised session on Friday, went for a run on Saturday, and then got back at it again on Sunday. I expect my 3rd and final session of the above workout will be this Tuesday, and I'll aim to schedule my next session with the trainer on Thursday.

Right now, I can already tell that the real challenge will not be the workouts themselves. This was extremely difficult, don't get me wrong. But the real challenge is not finishing the workout, but rather keeping up with my daily run on strength training days. The sessions are so intense that I find myself too drained to get a good run in. Either that, or they last so long that I no longer have time for a run.

But I can feel the results in earnest, so I'll keep it up. I wanted to build some upper body strength, anyway.

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