This Week In Exercise

I could have titled this post "Week 7," but I chose not to for two reasons. First, I am not really covering any particular workout regimen at this point. Rather, I am chronicling my weekly workout experience and providing a look ahead at what sorts of exercizes I'll be doing in the coming week. That brings me to the other reason, which is that it doesn't make any sense to keep iterative track of the index of weeks involved, since the starting point was more or less arbitrary, and there is not endpoint in sight.

So, in the interest of clarity and sensibility, future posts of this kind will simply be entitled "This Week In Exercise."

Now For This Week In Particular
I was out visiting a client on Thursday and Friday, so I did not have access to my regular gym. Originally, the plan was to return to my physical trainer on Friday, but it would have been a long and pointless drive, not worth it in the long run. To make matters even more final, I had a rehearsal with a new band on Friday. I was under too much of a time-crunch to get my session in.

What I opted for instead, was to take Thursday as a rest day, get a light cardio workout in on Friday, go running on Saturday, and then on Sunday I returned to my trainer-recommended strength workout, which I detailed last week.

The amazing thing here is that the first time I did this workout, it nearly killed me. No, not really, obviously I am exaggerating. But the fact remains, it took everything I had to finish that workout, and I even had to take an unplanned break.

But by Sunday, the workout was almost easy. It was still a decent workout, but my body has already adapted to it. I can burn through the workout in about a half an hour, leaving plenty of additional time for cardio. It leaves me out-of-breath, but it doesn't leave me exhausted.

If this is what I have to look forward to during the time I have invested in physical training, then I am going to be in very good shape, indeed.

This week, I will get a new set of workouts, hopefully on Tuesday. In the meantime, my intention is to focus a bit more on running. The heat has been a real challenge, and I am having a difficult time getting any really good mileage in. It may also be true that the strength training is impeding the running a little bit - which happens every time I focus more on muscles and less on running. But it's far from impossible to maintain both a robust running regimen and a robust physical training regimen.  This week, I'd like to keep myself focused on getting some good mileage in, whatever "good" passes for in the burning heat out there.

I apologize for being a bit sparse with the posting over the last week or so. I had a busy week on the job, and multiple converging extracurricular commitments to look after. Things should improve henceforth.

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