Nature Will Always Be More Powerful Than Mankind

A JetBlue flight made an emergency landing at JFK after the plane slammed into a seagull, which blew a hole in the nose of the aircraft upon takeoff from Westchester Airport Friday morning, authorities said. 
The FAA said the Airbus A320 bound for West Palm Beach, Fla. with 142 passengers declared an emergency at about 9:30 a.m. 
"On departure we hit numerous seagulls, one took a direct hit right on the nose, just below the windshield," the pilot said on air traffic recordings posted by LIVEATC.net
The bird remained stuck in the nose of the plane. 
"The way I'm looking at it right now, I don't think we can carry on to West Palm, because it does look like we have some damage to the nose here," the pilot said, adding that the damage appeared to be "part of the pressurization capsule."
NBC News has the scoop.

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