In A Hurry? Improvise!

If exercise were my full-time job – and, boy, would I love it if that were the case! – then every morning I would wake up and carefully plan a new and exciting workout for myself. I’d extend my morning breakfast/coffee deep into mid-morning and arrive at the day’s perfect workout. Then, I’d deliver it in spades!


In the real world, I’m a working stiff, a parent, a husband, and a guy with a diverse set of interests and responsibilities. In short, I don’t always have time to concoct The World’s Greatest Workout, Man and then spend all day making my muscles sing from the rooftops. (Notes to future self in the event that reincarnation occurs: (1) You were wrong about atheism; (2) consider a career as a fitness model or personal trainer.) To put it concisely, I don’t always have a lot of time on my hands to think up a great workout.


What do I do in those situations? Well, I could always dig up someone else’s workout, but that starts to feel like a to-do list preceded by uninteresting internet research. I could also pull Stationary Waves up on my internet browser and see what I’ve done in the past. I’ve actually done this a number of times to smashing effect. (Indeed, it’s probably the main reason I blog my workouts – sorry to disappoint those of you who supposed I was primarily motivated by fitness altruism.)


But in this morning’s case, I opted for another handy approach to creating one’s own workouts: Doing the same thing you did last time, plus additional repetitions.


Unimaginative? Yes. Boring? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely!


TL;DR: Today’s workout was the same as Mondays, plus more reps.

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