Mojo, The Return Of My

The road ahead, get it?
I was training for a half marathon that didn't happen due to inclement weather. In order to run my fastest, I was anxious to shed some upper body mass, and I did that very successfully. Then the race didn't happen, and since then, my workout pattern has been, shall we say, sporadic.

Well, cue the theme music, because it's time I reestablished myself as a purveyor of fine calisthenics and exercise ideas. To accomplish this, I'll need to get in shape - big time. And why not leverage my stagnating blog toward that process?

This time around, I'll be focused on all-around fitness, which means I'll be heavy on the calisthenics and plyometrics, significant on the free weights, and merely present on the cardio. I love cardio, but what this recent half marathon training reminded me is that I love cardio for fun, not for competition or serious dedication. (Perhaps some day I'll tell that story - it is probably worth it.)

Of course, I could always just go back to my trusty 8W routine; and I'll admit that it was a lot of fun. But I'd like to recapture some of that fitness mojo I've been lacking lately, and in order to do that, I want to focus on the playful nature of inventing my workouts on the fly. 

There will still be some semblance of structure, but within that semblance, all bets are off. 

Let's do this thing.

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