Workout Of The Day

I typically use Monday as my triceps-and-chest day. As such, today's workout explores the deeper end of the push-up pool.

And speaking of push-ups, I typically do repetitions of between 20 and 40 - but that's sort of a runner's approach to push-ups, isn't it?

In the spirit of new-ness, today I'll try a new approach. I'll do five sets of push-ups as per below. Between each set, I'll do squats.
  • Set 1: 10 diamond push-ups
  • Set 2: 10 plyo-push-ups (clapping)
  • Set 3: 10 side-to-side push-up isometrics
  • Set 4: 10 incline push-ups
  • Set 5: one-arm push-ups to max

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