WHO, me? Corrupt?

Why am I not surprised?

Unlike the SARS outbreak and other such panic-driven overreactions, there were thankfully a few voices of sanity bubbling up out of the murky waters of the "swine flu pandemic." For that reason alone, I think we dodged a major bullet there. What were these voices of reason saying? Mostly that the swine flu was a new and nasty flu, but no more significant than most seasonal flus, and in fact the swine flu proved to be less deadly than other known flu strains.

But how many press conferences were we subjected to in which some CDC or WHO expert approached a podium and very authoritatively - and conspicuously - tried not to use the word "pandemic?"

Now recent reports point to a conflict of interest between those at the WHO and those who make flu vaccines.

Is it any wonder why I'm hesistant to laud huge, international governing bodies?

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