Who's Who of Basic Economic Comprehension

Every now and then I come across something that proves something that didn't actually need to be proven, but it's still nice.

I will supply as a basic tenet the following axiom: Conservatives might be stupid, but you can reason with them. You can talk to them. Liberals, however, cannot be reasoned with. I will further mention in anticipation of the coming objections that the only people who can't seem to reason with conservatives are liberals, which is further evidence that liberals cannot be reasoned with.

Now Daniel Klen writes about his recent survey of American adults, in which he asked a series of basic economics questions such that you'd know the answer if you've taken a basic, entry-level economics course. Unequivocally, leftists flunk.

No surprises here, but again it's always nice to see some quantitative evidence behind one's own qualitative observations.

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