But What About Ryan Ruins Requests?

Don't be discouraged by the advent of Insipid Pop Weekend. As always, I continue to accept requests and dedications for my Ryan Ruins Requests feature. You can think of them as two sides of the same coin. Or two coins in the same pocket. Or two pockets in the same pair of pants. Or two outfits in the same wardrobe. Or two closets in the same skeleton... No, wait...

My primary objective in these undertakings is to experiment with some home recording, song writing, performance, and production ideas. I post them to the blog on the off chance that they are interesting to others; and also as a means to share my music with people I know more closely than my blog's readership, without having to constantly barrage friends and family with emails alerting them to the fact that I have more output available for consumption. But it's all in good fun.

I used to keep a music-only blog, but I found it less appealing to write constantly about music and composition, and didn't like the pressure of having to produce a recording, a piece of sheet music, or etc. each and every time I sat down to write something on my blog. Stationary Waves has managed to become a good repository of all my thoughts, be they musical, economic, literary, linguistic, fitness-related, diabetes-related, or random. 

The bottom line is: please keep your requests coming. Don't be afraid to push me in new directions and challenge me. That's what it's all about. This blog will be a lot more fun and interesting if we maintain a communication feedback loop. 

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