Three Days' Grace

As I mentioned earlier, I seem to have pulled a muscle in my leg.

Best I can tell, the injury most likely stems from last week's 90-minute long run. I had worn out my shoes prior to running that day. The combination of the long miles and the bad shoes may have proven to be a bad mix for me this time around.

The result: Today is the third day I have taken off from running entirely. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that this is a pro-active take on my overall training regimen. With any luck, I'll still have plenty of time to recover and perform well in the Montreal Marathon. As I said in a previous entry:
So, don't wait to treat your pain. As soon as you feel it, take the time to make an assessment and determine the best course of action. Do this in the middle of a run, if you have to. As soon as you feel the pain, assess it. Don't wait until later. Don't train through it. Figure it out and act. (If nothing else, you'll be more empowered.)
In truth, I gave running a try yesterday, but didn't feel my leg was up to it. So I gave it another try to day, and again came to the same conclusion. Nonetheless, my leg feels much better today than it did three days ago. The rest is doing its job, and my leg is healing quickly. I'm not discouraged, I'm happy with my progress.

But three days is a long time to take off. I've kept up with my morning workouts, but it's not enough. Therefore, I'll try running again tomorrow, but if my leg isn't up to it, then I'm going to head to the gym for some cross-training.

It's not about the injury, it's about how one chooses to recover.

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