Happy 20,000th Birthday to Stationary Waves!

Sometime today I anticipate getting the blog's 20,000th hit. Will you be that lucky site visitor? I sure hope so. If it's not you, I hope it will at least be someone a lot like you.

It's hard to believe I've had 20,000 site visits since I started the blog a few years ago, but I am honored to have received so many readers. The other day, I noticed I had a visitor from Malawi. I have received regular site visits from China despite the fact that Blogger.com (this website's host) is blocked in China. I receive regular site visits from my good friends and loyal readers, occasional comments from big-timers like Steven Landsburg, site references from even-bigger-timers like Ron Thal. What can I say? I'm happy to have a readership, and I hope to continue to provide good blog content to all of you.

With that, I'm done with the navel-gazing. On to the important stuff!

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