Happy New You

You know, I just can't resist.

For me, health and fitness are a way of life. I am not the type of person who over-indulges during the holiday season, puts on weight, stops exercising, and then suddenly declares after New Year's Day that I am turning over a new leaf and reinventing my body. I adhere to a daily exercise regiment and maintain a proper diet every day. My occasional indulgences satisfy my cravings; I have no need to take things further than that. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle each and every day is its own reward for me.

What I am, on the other hand, is a person who loves any excuse to become highly motivated and ambitious. Undertaking a personal initiative is a lot of fun. Any excuse to do so is a good one.

Therefore, I just can't resist using the coming of a new year to gain some new motivation and recommit to maintaining my status as basically the healthiest person I know. It is precisely because I am committed to daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle that I like to avail myself of each and every excuse to go the extra mile.

It's Going To Be A Great Year For Everybody
So here we are in the year 2012. I just returned home from a trip to Bangladesh, I cut my hair, got over a cold, readjusted to a (healthy) Western diet, and now I'm ready to take on a new commitment to fitness. It's time for a new me, and it could be time for a new you, too. You might be like me - healthy, fit, and no particular reason for a drastic change. Or, you might be that other kind of person who over-indulged and now wants to reclaim your healthy lifestyle for the new year.

Put another way, you might be like me in that you enjoy endurance training, like to run races (or marathons), and are looking for a way to reach a new personal best. Or, you might be someone who wants to slip down, shape-up, and look great for that beach vacation this year, seeking maximum results for minimal effort.

Great News
Either way, Stationary Waves has you covered. Over the next couple of days, I'll be developing a two-tiered training regimen for anybody. This year we're building on the 18-Week training regimen I established last Summer, improving the methodology, and expanding.

Tier 1 consists of a quick, easy strength and toning regimen that anyone can do at home. All you need is thirty minutes a day (at the most!), a set of free weights or resistance bands, and an empty spot on the floor. You'll tone up, build some muscle mass, improve your posture, agility, and dexterity, and be more than ready for that trip to your exotic location of choice.

Tier 2 can be added for crazy fitness whack-jobs like myself, who haven't yet had their fill of road racing, marathoning, or whatever else you might be aiming for.

Of course, the combined regimen will help you achieve your true inner fitness potential.

So Stay Tuned
I'll be unveiling the new plan within the week. In the meantime, take the time to review the old plan, the philosophy behind it, and the tools required for what is sure to be a terrific challenge.

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