An Ad-Free Music Experience

As my YouTube channel continues to develop, I have been tinkering with the settings to provide readers/viewers with a more pleasant experience. Neither the blog nor the YouTube channel provides me with any kind of an income. My compensation comes from the joy of providing entertainment to those inclined to be entertained by what I provide. That's a humorous way of saying it, but I really mean that.

The worst part of YouTube is the constant clicking viewers have to do to get around the advertisements that everyone puts on their videos. Even worse are the ads that appear at the beginning of videos, which the viewer must see before she can continue on to the video she really wanted to watch in the first place.

I think many people with YouTube accounts automatically check the "monetize my video" box in hopes that whatever random net traffic they get will eventually be sufficient to give them some kind of small payout at some point in the future. I can't fault them for this, but it is a little bit like playing the lottery. Actually, it's more like scouring the ground for pennies under the belief that if you pick up enough pennies you will eventually be able to buy a new car or something.

Every little bit of money is nice, of course, but I have always maintained the belief that a person will enjoy success if, and only if, that person's focus is on delivering a job well done. We don't need fancy ad-ware or monetization tricks to have financial success, so long as we are producing high-quality output that appeals to people.

More to the point, if my content is of a low quality and a low level of appeal, monetization certainly won't help me gain a broader audience. But maybe if I make the viewing experience as pleasant as possible, I can be inoffensive enough to win a few new fans.

So please do check out my YouTube channel, where I publish music videos pertaining to my old band, Prime Numbers, my Rhesus Pieces musical vignettes, and other fine surprises. It is now an ad-free viewing experience.

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