Attention, Please

I would like to direct your attention to this post from Anti-Gnostic:
The Nobel Peace Prize President, using the same CIA, the same Defense Department, the same game plan as his predecessor is laying the groundwork for war in the Christian holy land of Syria. The die is cast from this point. Syria is already being brutalized by sanctions. A chemical weapon will be detonated, and the US will be off and running on its third war since 2001. The rebellion, financed by the repulsive Wahhabist Gulf Arabs, is hopelessly stalemated. Its protagonists are Sunni rabble and fanatical thugs drawn from Chechnya, Afghanistan, the Saudi peninsula and north Africa. Culturally, the Syrians themselves are more Greek and prefer house parties and red wine to firefights in the streets. For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, it has apparently been decided that the US will step up to the plate. The Shia will be slaughtered, Christians--the lucky ones--will flee and Syria will be bombed back into the Stone Age. A Sunni puppet will be installed and billions of dollars will be extracted from US taxpayers for an occupation that advances no American interest.
May God have mercy on us, and He won't.

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