Some Links

  • David Henderson, writing on taxes, makes a more formal version of an argument I made a couple of weeks ago.
  • Speaking of fiscal policy, 76% of Americans favor across-the-board spending cuts. That's over three quarters, in case you're not good with percentages. Somehow, though, I am not sure our governmental masters will cut spending much. A guy can hope, though, can't he?
  • MSNBC and Men's Health conspire to make the claim that running in the middle of the city involves sucking up so much pollution that it impairs brain function. The only problem? The cited study only analyzed 24 people - less than the 30 required to meet the minimum requirements of the Central Limit Theorem.
  • Including taxes and shipping charges, this $49 entry-level mandolin comes to $87. On the other hand, this $79 entry-level mandolin comes to $99. One has to wonder which is the better bargain? The Rogue mandolin is constructed from superior wood, but the Valencia mandolin is manufactured by the good people at SX/Agile/Rondo Music, whose instruments have earned a strong following. I myself have two Agile guitars already, including my fabulous solid mahogany double-neck guitar.

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