I typically have lower blood sugar readings on the weekends than I do during the rest of the week. I always figured that the reason this happens is because I generally stay a bit more active on the weekends. I'll go for a walk in the mornings, spend a lot of time playing with my daughter, go out shopping, walk around, and I'll still get a workout in.

But that's just a theory. I haven't proven it. (I'm not sure I could prove it if I tried.)

Here's another theory: During the work week, I drink coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. I don't put cream or sugar in it, but I do drink a fairly large cup in the morning and another after lunch. There is a lot of caffeine in coffee, of course, and there is at least some evidence that caffeine impedes blood glucose control. By contrast, on weekends I will usually favor tea over coffee.

So today, and for the next few work days, I'm going to test out my alternate theory and see what happens. In the worst case scenario, nothing happens. But in the best case, I'll feel a little better.

Incidentally, it might not be the caffeine working against me here. According to some research coming out of Brazil, coffee can contain a lot of filler ingredients. What kind of filler ingredients? Take a look:

So, mostly grains and perhaps fruits and sugars. Those would cause a blood glucose increase, wouldn't they?

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