When In Doubt, Check For Yourself

In a recent post over at Sweet Talk Conversation, I argue that at least some knowledge is manifest, and that we can leverage that fact to help de-politicize knowledge, maybe making the world a slightly better place in the process. Here's a quick slice:
Then why would I be so pedantic as to differentiate between political and apolitical knowledge when, as must be clear enough by now, Gurri’s posts have been specifically about the trust we place on the knowledge we gain from others? 
One reason is that doing so provides us with a potential remedy for the problems he has identified. Knowing that an honest truth-seeker can, in highly politicized moments, step back, out of the realm of political knowledge, and into the more reliable world of direct observation provides us with an important check on the undue influence of politics and motivated reasoning.
If you're interested in this kind of stuff, read the whole thing. 

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