Well, that one's over. I admit, I felt a little weak during the second half of the tempo run. But doggone it, I finished and finished strong. How did you fare today? How was the first tempo run of the year?

In hindsight, today may have been a bit stacked. Therefore, I am going to make tomorrow's morning workout optional. Do it only if you feel up to it. Thursday is going to be another difficult day, and you don't want to exhaust yourself before your long run this Saturday. Use your judgement.

Broadly, this applies to every day of the program. Running is not the kind of sport where you can schedule every day 18 weeks in advance and never deviate. There is always some level of "feel" involved.

Part of being a non-beginner is knowing and understanding what your body is telling you on a daily basis. Don't just bang through a calendar of workouts because you signed up for it. Pay attention to what's going on, analyze, assess, prescribe. You are in control of your body, so take control. That's what running is all about.

I'll be back with those Diabetes Basics later on.

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