Strength Training: Catch-up

Sorry, folks. I blew it yesterday. I needed to provide some more information on this morning's strength training workout, but things got busy and I just didn't have time last night.

The workout I intended for this morning is a standard upper-body strength training workout:
  • Two sets of 12x pull ups or lat pull-downs
  • Two sets of straight rows
  • Four sets of 12x bench press
  • Four sets of 12x chest press
If you feel up to it, you can also do some crunches, but that's not necessary today.

Since this is a high resistance / low repetition day, keep the weight pretty high, but not so high that you can't do the exercises correctly. You should reach the point where your muscles are just exhausted by the last repetition. And if you have to bail on one of the sets or cut down on the reps, that's okay. 6-12 reps will do you about the same good, provided you are lifting with proper form and technique.

Tonight's run is another 30-minute tempo run. Same rules. Keep at a nice clip. This one will be a little easier than Tuesday's.

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