Getting Better

Here's a graph of my average blood glucose levels over the last seven days:

As you can see, the trend is decidedly negative. The high-water-mark on this graph occurred on August 31st, which, if you recall, was the day I was expounding on the horrors and inefficacy of insulin pump therapy.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. I've moved from an average blood glucose level of about 12mmol/L (very high) to just over 8mmol/L (getting there). My levels over the past few days have been consistent with my best-ever-controlled time period on record, which was early June of this year. So in terms of blood glucose control, my pump is finally starting to work.

In terms of lifestyle, however, I find that it took a lot of insulin to get me to where I am today. The unfortunate result of this is that I cannot be so fancy-free with the exercise. On Friday, I went for a 40-minute run and had to stop about two-thirds of the way into it and treat myself for hypoglycemia. I was packing boxes and moving all weekend long, and an extended period of packing or assembling furniture would result in a mild low.

So I guess step one is complete, step one being "get control of your blood sugar."

Step two is still to come: "Get control of your life."

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