Once In Idaho, Why Leave?

A couple of days ago, I described a potentially positive way to digest problems, using the old handy phrase "private Idaho." Well, I feel as though I have been living comfortably in my own private Idaho for the past week and I am now confronted with a new "dilemma." Once one finds oneself in Idaho, why leave?

I first conceived of the whole Idaho metaphor while staring at the back of a semi-truck in the middle of virtually gridlocked traffic conditions. The back of the truck's trailer was painted to look like a farm truck full of potatoes rolling along on a beautiful sunny day. That truck must have been rolling along at just the right moment, because I was instantly transported out of my dreary, bleak day and into the cool Autumn breeze and heady aroma of a sunny afternoon somewhere in, say, Preston, Idaho. I spent my university years in the general vicinity, and while it's not something I'd describe as "perfect," there is something about those Autumn breezes that really soothes and calms the soul.

Suffice it to say, taking myself there mentally was a great relief that day. It allowed me to "step outside of myself" a bit and take a more even-tempered look at the stressors in my life. I liked it so much, I decided to try as much as possible to keep my head in that kind of a state: cool, even-tempered, peaceful, happy, calm.

In a way, it kind of seemed like a mental vacation at the time, Yet, here I am - days later - and I don't really want to "go back." I like it in Idaho.

Then again, who wouldn't like being cool, even-tempered, peaceful, happy, and calm? Granted, it's not possible all the time, but what a great way to handle every situation you confront: with a perfectly rational, cool head and positive perspective.

Because this line of discussion is new to my blog, I'm going to act quickly and flag it immediately as a mental health strategy. Specifically, it shall henceforth be known as...

Mental Health Strategy #1: Go to Idaho, and Just Stay There

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