A Brief Episode Of Navel-Gazing

What follows began as a preamble to my next blog post, but grew too large and too distracting to remain as such. I thought had better turn it into its own stand-alone blog post.

When You're Here, Expect Ongoing Evolution
In some respects, we can consider Stationary Waves a traditional weblog that has been dressed-up in a three-piece suit.

By "a traditional weblog," I mean that I tend to blog about the things I do and/or think about on a daily basis. The headline of the blog says, "Economics + Fitness + Music + Philosophy," which is a concise summary of my hobbies and interestes. When I watch movies, I write movie reviews. When I read books, I write book reviews. When I attend concerts or buy new CDs, I write music reviews. When I write and record new music, I publish it here. When I train for marathons, I write about that. When I get focused on diabetes management, that's what I end up writing about. Hence, this is a pretty traditional weblog of the online diary school.

By "dressed-up in a three-piece suit," I mean that I am not content to merely muse about my day. I am a highly systematic thinker. Rather than be content with a series of passing thoughts, I like to process the things I think through the mechanism of a consistent, underlying ("all-encompassing") philosopy, complete with its own lexicon and foundational concepts.

Therefore, what you get on this blog is the evolution of my ideas as I live the course of my life. What I wrote before may not exactly align with what I write today, but rather than a contradiction, I see this as an evolution, the development of my own thoughts. To me, it's interesting. I hope it's somewhat interesting to you, too.

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