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Somehow, I knew this would happen.
I’d thought he was saying that if a pregnancy occurs, God must have wanted it, which would seem to be an instance of the general principle that if anything occurs, God must have wanted it. Now we’re told that there is no such general principle — from which I am left to conclude that the only way to tell what God wants is to ask Richard Mourdock.
- Steven Landsburg elucidates the Mourdock platform.

Sonic Charmer sure has been on a roll lately! Here he is on racism and protest. Here he is on the practicality of open borders immigration policy. And here he is on Trump's pending Obama revelation.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Another reason why it's more about fitness than it is about diet.

In very few words, and one amazing picture, Sean Burch shows us the dividends of being a hyper-fit adventurer.

I can't think of a better place to eat a second breakfast.

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