RRR Retired

The Ryan Ruins Requests feature never did take off like I had hoped. The videos themselves were terrible, and the music itself was not that great. It was a fun experiment, but ultimately of inferior quality. Therefore, I have decided to retire this feature. I have removed the videos from my YouTube channel, so they are unavailable, unless you specifically contact me and request that I send them to you. (Trust me, they are not worth it.)

My pursuit, as always, is to maintain quality content for my readers. Considering that, it hardly seems fair to remove a feature without replacing it. I do intend to replace it, and replace it something that I hope will be of much greater interest. Who knows, with any luck, I may stumble upon something that actually expands my readership. (Perish the thought!)

In fact, I hope to be delivering a new feature soon. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. I liked RRR! But looking forward to the new feature :)