October Was A Great Month

October was a great month for me.

For one thing, Stationary Waves had its most successful month ever, as measured by the total number of hits I receive on the blog, and marks four consecutive months of hit increases. For this, I only have my readers to thank, so let me take the time to do that now.

Thank you for reading. Over the past month, I've had visitors from all over the world, including many far-away places that I hope to see one day, and a few places I have already seen and would like to see again.

To facilitate reader interaction, and at the request of a few pointed comments from friends and readers, I have eliminated some of the barriers to posting comments here on the blog. So far, Blogger has been doing a great job with its built-in spam filter, so I don't anticipate any problems with this going forward. Drop by and leave a comment, and let me know how things are working for you.

It was also a big month for my YouTube channel. It also had its most successful month ever, as measured by views, driven by two new videos for Geist and Force of the Flow. As I may have mentioned before, I intend to make these videos a more regular feature on the blog, so stay tuned for more music - and perhaps a few other YouTube surprises.

To cap it all off, I put in more miles of running during October than any other month this year, as I build up my endurance base and prepare to undertake to run an upcoming marathon. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for injury-free training. Of course, I will be sharing my training schedule with you in the coming weeks.

Okay, enough of retrospective narratives. On with the pontificating!

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