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Gary Becker suggests that the best way to solve the illegal immigration issue is to set citizenship at a price of $50,000 (although, his number is mostly arbitrary).

The great Sonic Charmer reminds us that when a person experiences severe head trauma and permanent damage, we don't get to stop calling them people just because it makes plug-pulling decisions easier on the conscience.

Daniel Henninger asks, what is the implication of the "permanent campaign?" Are we headed for agitprop? Should Republicans also wage a total war of information? But I ask, where on Earth has Henninger been?

Speaking of agitprop, The Civic Arena offers us a window into the emotionally confusing and Kafkaesque (specifically, The Castle) world of presidential form letters.

On health care, Rick Perry remembers the Alamo. I wonder if anyone else will. (Okay, no I don't. I already know that no one else will, because the facts don't matter when it comes to health care.)

I tend to be incredibly skeptical of studies like these, but take it for what it's worth: the more oxytocin you have in your system, the more faithful you are as a romantic partner.

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