Impromptu Super Set

After having been out of town for work this week, my typical workout regimen has been somewhat disrupted. I don't mean that I haven't worked out, I mean that my workouts have not gone according to textbook. I've had to improvise, develop some impromptu workouts that got the job done at the time, with minimal impact on my tighter-than-usual schedule.

As I previously mentioned, I undertook twice-daily workouts (at least, for the week), and engaged in daily morning super-sets focused on push-ups, crunches, and squats/jumps. I followed an A Day/B Day approach, in which the first day consisted of the super set described in the above-linked post. The second day consisted of a more leg-centered super set: Lunges, squat-jumps, and crunches. This way, I managed to work out both my upper- and lower-body, as well as working out my abdominal core the recommended "twice as much" as the other muscle groups. Not bad.

The evenings consisted of exercise biking: I did a moderate-paced workout on Monday, followed by a "tempo paced" workout on Tuesday, and an "easy day" on Wednesday. Add in a rest day on Thursday, and I was in a pretty good situation as far as working out goes.

But today is Friday, and I needed something to do. Going for a run was a no-brainer, but what about strength training? I had done a good job of working out my upper and lower body during the week, and it seems I have one day "left-over." It's too late in the week to start a whole new "workout week," so I needed something that I could do in a one-off setting that didn't over-emphasize any of the muscle groups I worked out multiple times this week already.

Returning to the principle of the four basic exercise movements (push, pull, crunch, and squat), I realized that I haven't really had much of a "pull" workout this week. In typical exercise terms, that means biceps and back exercises. I also haven't done much in the way of shoulders, so I'd like to add that, too.

I've been enjoying the super set approach to working out lately, so what I needed was a bicep/back/shoulder super set workout. Here's what I came up with:

Five repetitions of the following exercises:
  • Ten pull-ups (biceps, back)
  • Ten seated cable rows (biceps, back)
  • Ten alternating cable curls (biceps)
  • Ten alternating cable shoulder presses (shoulders, triceps)
After which, I'm going for a nice, relaxing run through Trinity Park.

Give this workout a try for yourself, and use the comments section to let me know how it treats you.

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