On The Road

I'm on the road this week, and so my regularly scheduled blogging shenanigans will likely be kept to an unfortunate minimum. But I shall try to keep things as lively as I can.

For example, I woke up early today to ensure that I would be able to pull off a two-a-day workout objective today. Nothing major this morning, just some calisthenics and light plyometrics, and I'm aiming for an evening run later today. All this strength training has been causing me to miss having a really nice endurance base. So I think I'm going to get back to the point where I can run briskly without taxing my lungs too much. I am also in need of a little workout variety, so there you have it.

On top of that, I have about a set and a half of material to learn for an upcoming show, details to follow later. I will not be headlining, just helping out some friends.

I'm hoping to record some more random guitalele stuff throughout the week. Cheer me on, and I'll deliver. He who encourages the paper gets to hear the tune.

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