We've Come A Long Way, Baby

April 2013 was another record-setting blogging month for me. It seems like only yesterday that I was excited about the 200-some hits I received from Mises.org after they published my article on the "Ground-Zero Mosque." (Haha, remember that? Does anyone remember how big a deal that was?) Those hits are depicted in the chart above: they are that first, tiny bump on the far left.

Suffice it to say, things have grown around here. I suspect it's time for another site redesign soon. I like the Blogger template I'm using, but I could use something that is a little more visually attractive. Any suggestions?

But anyway, I'd like to personally thank you for making my blog whatever small-potatoes "success" it might be. I look forward to the day I eventually corner the market on Economics + Music + Fitness + Philosophy (ha, ha, ha...)

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