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Comprehension of proper running form was understood as early as 1836 in Great Britain. To my surprise, people were running faster than five minutes per mile back then, or so the blurb implies.

David Henderson gives a good account of how to make money. He summarizes: Go where others don't want to, and save. I note that this is highly similar to The Stationary Waves Principle Of Coming Out On TopWhen you see a crowd of people all going one direction, that's your queue to go the opposite direction.

Redmond Weissenberger is stunned by photos of Chinese people lining up to buy gold, but based on my brief visit to Beijing, I'd say this is more or less how Chinese people line up to do anything.

Restless leg syndrome has been linked to increased risk of an early death. I have had RLS for most of my life. My self-observational findings is that the condition completely disappears with regular exercise.

Can you bench press 185 pounds? This 91-year-old man has you beat.

Most people outside of Texas have no idea why Rick Perry is so successful. Time Magazine offers up an analysis on this topic, and please note that the Time article is critical of Perry, too. As I try to tell people: Texas is an idea - either you get it, or you don't. 

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