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If you're in the market for a new guitar, I think today's offering over at Musician's Friend's Stupid Deal of the Day is the best deal I've ever seen. B.C. Rich Pro X Mockingbird. Top-of-the-line EMG pickups, mahogany body, neck-through design, maple neck, ebony fretboard, burled maple cap, 24 jumbo frets... All for $500. Jeez, you can't get a better guitar for this price-point. This is insane. Offer is valid only for today, and no, I do not have any connection to Musician's Friend or B.C. Rich or any other music company.

A series of new studies cast many doubts on the supposed superiority of barefoot running. (Hat tip to Jeffrey Tucker.)

This is a long read, but an important one. An Australian physician and obesity specialist does a complete take-down of the fat-is-a-disease scam, discusses the many reasons people should lose weight, and talks about the challenges society faces as it slowly becomes fatter and fatter. I was able to enjoy it, even despite its occasional anti-market bent.

I know this news is already a couple of days old, but Reason.com just got around to it today. Google bans pornography from its Google Glass technology. I understand Google's reasoning here, but according to the Reason.com blog, it sounds like the company making the app had some really cool plans, from a purely technological standpoint. It's funny that pornographers are always early adopters of new technology, and it's also funny the extent to which they advance innovation within that new technology. The question becomes whether Google's pursuit of civility is worth more than its pursuit of innovation. That's a question of subjective value, but I think it's worth stopping and thinking twice about the ban. The adult market is still a lucrative place to be, and if it helps you develop your products, that's hard to say no to. Then again, it's kind of like selling your soul.

Mises Daily seems to be getting their act together. Today's article on the rise of entitlement spending and its adverse impact on the economy is truly fantastic.

With signature wit and flair, Robert Murphy responds to the claim that libertarianism has never been attempted throughout all of human history.

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