So far, 2014 has been the year of making changes to my blog. Further to last night's post on rhetorical nukes, I am thinking it is time to make some more changes around here regarding how I choose to blog and what I choose to blog about.

As always, I'd like to ensure that this blog remains a source of exposition about running, fitness, and music. I'd like to keep providing information and perspectives on diabetes, and discussing economics as it comes up. 

What I'd like to avoid, however, is excessive opining. If you've been a long-time reader, then you can already predict with certainty that I will be giving plenty of opinions in the future, as I always have. Let's face it, I'm an opinionated guy.

But when I read through my blogroll these days, I find myself completely skipping over the blogs written by people who write some snarky opinion about current events. I have my own opinion on current events. It's nice to know what people are thinking, but after you have a good sense of what various opinions are floating around out there, it doesn't do anyone any good to keep hearing them. In the end, who cares? If there is more information to be learned, then that's always good - information can change the opinion of an honest truth-seeker. But if there isn't any new information being provided, only a new, super-witty, super-snarky way of describing a particular opinion, then why bother? I would rather apply my time doing more productive things.

And since I'm not particularly interested in reading those blogs, I should do the decent thing and prevent myself from ever becoming one of those blogs.

So, while this is by no means an end to the opining altogether, it probably is an end to deep discussions and back-and-forth on Issues X, or Y, or even Z. I'll provide an opinion when I encounter new information, or when I'd like to highlight some concept that I feel has been partially ignored.

But as for a daily send-up of my strong opinions... meh. Who wants to read that?

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