Contact Stationary Waves

As you may have noticed, there is now a contact widget on the right-hand side panel of this website. You can use this widget to get in touch with me for any reason:
  • Maybe you'd like to leave a comment, but do not wish to do so publicly or via Google+ connectivity.
  • Perhaps you'd like to initiate a more in-depth conversation the likes of which prove difficult in the typical comments-thread configuration.
  • You might want to suggest a topic for a future post, or ask me how I feel about something specific.
I don't want to encourage solicitations, and I reserve the right to refuse any. But I am more than happy to discuss serious inquiries along the following lines:
  • Will I write a press article, research article, or blog post for you? (Typically yes, subject to my personal integrity.)
  • Will I design a workout plan for you and/or provide coaching via correspondence? (Typically yes, for free.)
  • Will I provide consulting analysis or similar professional services? (Case-dependent, for a fee.)
  • Am I available for music composition, recording sessions, or live performances? (Typically yes, so long as I am credited; there may be a fee, depending on the circumstance.)
  • Will I give you the inside scoop on specific people I know? (Typically no.)
  • Will I advertise for you? (Almost certainly not, but I'd be happy to review your book, movie, or music free of charge.)
And so forth. Please make liberal use of the new-and-fabulous contact widget.

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